Struggle for love, 2002 | BLOCK, Meagher Street, Chippendale, Sydney

In June 2001 [an] artist-run gallery named BLOCK opened next door to the Harrington Street Gallery. BLOCK’s program consisted of mostly one-week exhibitions and it ran for 14 months before relocating to larger premises at 62 Erskine Street in the city.

The final exhibition at BLOCK in Chippendale was mine. Titled Struggle for Love, it opened on Thursday, September 27 2002. For this work, I aped the format of the window display used by the neighbouring Harrington Street Gallery – down to the titles of the paintings and the artist’s name capitalized in white on black labels attached to the frames. An important distinction was the fact that my names, titles, labels, frames and paintings were all painted directly on a large calico curtain, hung to fill BLOCK’s street-level windows. I hoped that at a glance, people would think that BLOCK (whose diminutive and easily overlooked Lego signage was propped on the grill in the window above the door) was an extension of it’s more established neighbour.

Robert Pulie, Sydney 2003