Agatha Gothe-Snape - Rhetorical Chorus, 2017 | LIVEWORKS 2017 | Performance Space, Sydney

Commissioned for PERFORMA, New York, in 2015, Rhetorical Chorus is Agatha Gothe-Snape’s largest and most ambitious performance work to date. Inspired by a chance encounter with the legendary American conceptual artist, Lawrence Weiner, Rhetorical Chorus brings together a choir, PowerPoint projection, spoken text and choreography.

With guest artists including Megan Clune, Brian Fuata, Sarah Rodigari, Brooke Stamp, Lizzie Thomson and renowned American vocalist and musician, Joan La Barbara, Gothe-Snape's Rhetorical Chorus fragments the singular, rhetorical voice, dissolving it into a spectacle of transmission, calling into question both the circulation and consumption of knowledge.


Lead Artist
Agatha Gothe-Snape

Composer and Musical Director
Megan Alice Clune

The Transmitter
Joan La Barbara

Brian Fuata

The Left Hand
Brooke Stamp

The Right Hand
Lizzie Thomson

The Rhetorical Chorus
Rainbow Chan, Eugene Choi, Adam Connelly, Alyx Denison, Sonya Holowell & Marcus Whale

Movement Consultant
Brooke Stamp

Sarah Rodigari

Sound Designer
Benjamin Carey

Set and Costume Consultant
Anna McMahon

Systems Consultant
Ella Barclay

Costume Designer
Anna Hubble

Research Assistant
Mitchel Cumming