Archie Moore - Shirtfront (t-shirt series), 2019 | at The Commercial, Sydney

Archie Moore's Shirtfront t-shirts are each editions of 20 and are available in a limited selection of S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes.

single-sided screenprints on black organic cotton: $200
double-sided screenprints on black organic cotton: $250
dye sublimation torso print on polyester: $450
full set of 9 t-shirts: $2,000

express postage & handling within Australia (1-2 t-shirts): $20


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The t-shirt evolved from an item of clothing that was the final layer of dress that would cover the naked body, an undergarment. Marlon Brando and James Dean wore nothing but a white tee to cover their torsos and this became a rebellious act. Then came the shirts with the political slogans. The wearer was saying that this is my position and I'm not afraid to state it. Today Mick Jagger's lips or the Ramones logo has little connection to the bands or meaning beyond a pleasant design.
Continuing the motif of the impossibility of being in another's skin, these nine new artworks take this exploration into a sartorial sense. Five of the shirts have words across the chest like a brand's logo - verbal abuse as a visual representation of a message and a position. Another shirt literally will have the wearer inside the artist's skin (there will still be that awkward lack of affinity to the actual experience of being the artist). The other three shirts are bittersweet counter shirts to popular political and tourist shirt slogans. A shirtfront to the racists, bigots and the ignorant.

Archie Moore