Augusta Vinall Richardson — MFA Graduate Exhibition, 2022 | Monash University, Melbourne


The process of making a work begins on paper.
The resulting work is a manifestation of the thinking, feeling body.
Cognition and control allow the work to come together in the workshop space, where tools and equipment are like personalities one must get to know.
In this space material comes together at the seams.
Edges become soft and slippery, and the accepted boundaries of the space become motile.
Process becomes knowledge, becomes form.

The works in this exhibition explore precarious arrangements of modular and interconnecting three-dimensional shapes which morph and combine to make a complete and larger form. Each complete form, made up of a series of parts, not only reflects the operations of a steel fabrication workshop, and its modular character, but possibly the ‘political fictions’ that operate within this space (and indeed beyond) its grey and greasy exterior.