• » 17/07/2017:  The Commercial is looking forward to exhibiting at Sydney Contemporary at Carriageworks, 7-10 September, 2017. We are presenting our largest art fair stand to date with all new works by Mitch Cairns, Diena Georgetti, Patrick Hartigan, Narelle Jubelin, Anna Kristensen and Oscar Perry. Please contact the gallery to receive a preview of works in the lead up to the fair.  Stand E06
  • » 01/06/2017:  Diena Georgetti and Narelle Jubelin have works in the exhibition Every Brilliant Eye: Australian Art of the 1990s at the National Gallery of Victoria. Curated by Jane Devery and Pip Wallis, Every Brilliant Eye explores a decade in Australian art, drawn from the NGV Collection. NGV Federation Square. exhibition dates 02/06/17 - 01/10/17.
  • » 31/03/2016:  The Commercial is looking forward to exhibiting at Auckland Art Fair 25-29 May 2016. Presented will be a group exhibition of all new works by Mitch Cairns, Gunter Christmann, Diena Georgetti, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Narelle Jubelin and Clare Milledge. (Stand A5)
  • » 02/12/2015:  Narelle Jubelin at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in the Sydney Morning Herald.
  • » 01/12/2015:  Narelle Jubelin's major 1998 installation work, 'Case No: T961301', is being exhibited at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, as part of the exhibition, The Biography of Things. "Artists use objects, archives and collections to trace the labyrinthine stories that live behind things. The Biography of Things reveals narratives of loss, intrigue, histories and people, from the objective to the subjective. Working as if detectives, the artists in this exhibition bring a lively approach to object encounters, revealing much about what time has concealed or forgotten." The exhibition is curated by Juliana Engberg, Annika Kristensen and Hannah Mathews. Jubelin's 'Case No: T961301' traces the sale in the 1990s of British fighter jets to Indonesia for aggression against East Timor and the destruction in 1996 of one such jet by the activist Plowshares Four group using common domestic utensils. exhibition dates: 05/12/15 - 21/02/15
  • » 24/10/2015:  Narelle Jubelin in The Australian in Malcolm Turnbull's office.
  • » 02/10/2015:  Congratulations to Narelle Jubelin and her collaborators, Fiona MacDonald, Maria Madeira and Victor De Sousa, for winning the 2015 Freemantle Arts Centre Print Award. The $ 16,000.00 prize was awarded for their print work, Elastics / Borrocha / Elástico (2012 Timor-Leste Mobile Residency Archive). The large offset lithograph, printed by Big Fag Press Sydney, is the outcome of the four artists traveling to eleven of the thirteen districts in a mobile residency in East Timor. This Australian-led project, facilitated by the late curator Jennifer Phipps, delves into the history of one of our closest regional neighbours, presenting an insight into Timorese culture and crossing cultural boundaries through print. The work’s title ‘Elastics / Borrocha / Elástico', is borrowed from the universal collaborative children’s jumping game. The 2015 judging panel, consisted of Marian Crawford, Maurice O’Riordan and Gemma Weston.
  • » 25/08/2015:  The Commercial is exhibiting for the second consecutive year at the biennial Sydney Contemporary art fair, 10/09/15-13/09/15, at Carriageworks. It will present a group exhibition in the Current Contemporary section - Booth A01 - with all new works by Mitch Cairns, Diena Georgetti, Emily Hunt, Narelle Jubelin, Clare Milledge, Lillian O'Neil and Robert Pulie. In addition to the gallery's stand, Stephen Ralph has been selected for the Installation Contemporary section, curated by The Curators' Department (Glenn Barkley, Ivan Muñiz Reed and Holly Williams). A large group of Ralph's cast concrete sculptures will be exhibited. Information about fair opening hours and tickets for opening night is available on the Sydney Contemporary website.
  • » 24/08/2015:  It is a great pleasure to announce that The Commercial now represents Narelle Jubelin. Jubelin (b. 1960, Sydney, lives Madrid since 1996) has an extensive exhibition history which, from the outset, has been marked by international scope and rigour. An overview of key exhibitions is being developed on The Commercial website where an attempt has been made to reproduce her miniature petit point renditions in 1:1 scale. The Commercial will present an intimate introduction to Jubelin’s work as part of a group exhibition at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 10/09/15-13/09/15. It will be the first time that her work has been seen in a primary commercial context in Australia for a decade. Her first solo exhibition at The Commercial will be in mid-2016.