Every Artist Remembered with Domenico de Clario

Agatha Gothe-Snape, Every Artist Remembered with Domenico de Clario, 2009-2011, Every Artist Remembered (ACCA), posca pen on arches paper, 180.00 x 140.00 cm, TCG98
private collection, Brisbane

Performance Friday 14 October, 2011 at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Melbourne as part of the exhibition Power to the People, curated by Hannah Matthews.

Artist's notes:

I am more confident and I can feel we are in the flow. Domenico and I adjust well to each other’s logics and choices. We have discussed the likelihood of long periods of silence, and when they come, there is no sense of panic or fear. I feel as if the forceful flow of the canon is less likely to carry me away. Domenico mentions many novelists and spells many Italian names. There are less spelling mistakes. The audience is gentle and comes and goes. The poetry in the exercise feels clear. Domenico mentions Pele.

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