Every Artist Remembered with Ian Milliss

Agatha Gothe-Snape, Every Artist Remembered with Ian Milliss, 2009-2011, Every Artist Remembered (ACCA), posca pen on arches paper, 180.00 x 140.00 cm, TCG99
private collection, Sydney

Performance Monday 3 October, 2011 at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Melbourne as part of the exhibition Power to the People, curated by Hannah Matthews.


Artist's notes:
When I begin, I am sad already to mark the pages. My favorite time is when all the pages are blank. Ian and I have a playful time, adjusting to the flow of viewers coming and going.  He is a formidable intellect and brings many names and practices to the field and fills spaces with anecdotes, history lessons and social insights. I am rusty and feel at sea much of the time.  I am caught in the canon, and can’t find a way out. Ian begins with Alexis Soyer.

An excerpt for Ian’s response:
The two hours seemed over in a moment. There is a shock in seeing how the page somehow betrays and misrepresents as well as reveals – why is mine full of 50s and 60s Americans who I haven’t thought about for decades? Was it just the atmosphere of that exhibition? And there was that other surprise when I realised we had an audience, I hadn’t noticed them accumulating behind me until they burst into laughter at one point.

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