Headliners, 2011 | commissioned by the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, ART#2, curated by Hannah Matthews and Juliana Engberg, published weekly classified advertisements in The Weekly Advertiser (Horsham, Victoria)

Headliners received the 2012 Judge's Commendation in The Churchie National Emerging Art Exhibition (Judge: Maura Reilly; Selection Panel: Chris Bennie, Naomi Evans, Simon Wright)

Headliners was originally commissioned by ACCA for ART#2 and was published weekly in The Weekly Advertiser in June-July 2011. The work exists in two formats, both the original newspaper pages and as a series of editioned prints.

As a response to the invitation to execute a project in Horsham in regional Victoria that engaged the local community, I devised Headliners as a way to navigate the possible pitfalls of working in a community and region I had little experience of. Initially, I advertised for “non newsworthy” participants in a classified advertisement in the paper. Each week, I would call a different respondent each night on the telephone, and we chat about their daily life, job, family, weather and Horsham in general. At the end of each week, I would collate my dossier of notes and quotes and devise a poetic, cryptic headline for that participant. The following week, the headline would be published in the paper, along with each subject’s name.

Agatha Gothe-Snape

YouTube interview with Agatha Gothe-Snape on the Headliners project.