Every Artist Remembered with Callum Morton

Agatha Gothe-Snape, Every Artist Remembered with Callum Morton, 2009-2011, Every Artist Remembered (ACCA), posca pen on arches paper, 180.00 x 140.00 cm, TCG94
Collection: Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne

Performance Friday 28 October, 2011 at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Melbourne as part of the exhibition Power to the People, curated by Hannah Matthews.

Artist's notes:

I have a sense of quiet doom all day and Callum arrives feeling unwell. I feel bad for him, but he soldiers on. We begin early to get the pain over and done with, a tone which doesn’t really lend to much playfulness or intimacy. Nevertheless, we begin to accumulate names. As always, I become stuck any time a pre-20th century artist is mentioned and often seem to be wading through muddy glue. Despite this, many names are recalled that please me. Sometimes, it takes a number of 2 hour slots for me to ‘get to’ a name I have been trying to recall. In this case, it is often Callum who coincidently finds these artists and names them. I am pleased by this.The audience is ever present, there is a camera and a tape recorder. I feel Charlie willing his name and I resist my own tendency to try to please him/make him like me more by writing his name. Later, we discuss how this worked perhaps has been mis-framed as a performance, but more about this soon.

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