Amanda Williams | Whose Land Is It?, 2021 | Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK | Nichols Gorge Walk, Kosciuszko National Park


Whose Land Is It? brings together three Australian artists approaching the idea of the landscape and the elements of it which may have previously escaped our attention. The drying riverbeds directly linked to climate change and land misuse and mismanagement by James Tylor, the materials and tokens gathered during Atong Atem’s walks through her local area and the feminist reading of the landscape as interpreted by Amanda Williams all help in establishing more engaged ways of reading the land and understanding the impact the landscape has on us. It is through these images that a sense of ownership or belonging can begin to form. Whose land is being photographed, how can we picture ourselves there, and who is the landscape for?

Nichols Gorge Walk, Kosciuszko National Park, 2021 by Amanda Williams introduces a feminist reading to the landscape and cave structures seen in this series. Working with fogged paper and repeated prints, the images encourage a focus that is based less on conquering and overcoming the land, and is instead more reflective, collaborative and in synchrony with the natural elements, applying a feminist approach to landscape photography.