• » 25/01/2018:  The Commercial will be closed Friday 26/01/18 but will be open on Saturday 27/01/18, 11-6, for previews of our group show with works by Patrick Hartigan, Narelle Jubelin, Anna Kristensen, Lillian O'Neil and Mary Teague.
  • » 10/01/2018:  Anna Kristensen, Bonita Bub and Mitch Cairns are included in a group show, Unreal City, curated by Sarah Rees at Firstdraft, Sydney.  “Unreal City is an exhibition of painting and sculpture by Australian contemporary artists. The exhibition traces art and architecture back and forth through historical and social associations. Artisanal traditions are conflated with contemporary modes of practice to create a new vernacular. Classical iconography is juxtaposed with mass-produced, industrial materials. Lyrical imagery and whimsical forms morph into utilitarian objects and vice-versa. The title of the exhibition (after Mario Merz) describes the absurdity of these confounding elements.  Unreal City references traditions of Minimalism and Arte Povera in its examination of objects, structures and spacial relationships. In the context of the virtual contemporary, it is an elegy to the material world.” Opening Wednesday 10/01/18, 6 - 8 pm. Exhibition dates: 10/01/18 – 28/01/18
  • » 17/07/2017:  The Commercial is looking forward to exhibiting at Sydney Contemporary at Carriageworks, 7-10 September, 2017. We are presenting our largest art fair stand to date with all new works by Mitch Cairns, Diena Georgetti, Patrick Hartigan, Narelle Jubelin, Anna Kristensen and Oscar Perry. Please contact the gallery to receive a preview of works in the lead up to the fair.  Stand E06
  • » 21/10/2016:  Interview with Anna Kristensen in Two Thousand by Del Lumanta on Cover, Kristensen's first solo exhibition at The Commercial, opening Saturday 22/10/16, 5-7pm
  • » 22/09/2016:  Anna Kristensen's solo exhibition, Cover, will open Saturday 22/10/16, 5-7pm.
  • » 16/07/2016:  Video interview with Anna Kristensen in her studio at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, in 2013.
  • » 23/06/2016:  Anna Kristensen and Robert Pulie have works in the exhibition Blind, curated by Shane Haseman at the Sydney artist-run inititiative, KNULP. Exhibition dates 23/06/16-10/07/16.
  • » 18/12/2015:  It is a great pleasure to announce that The Commercial now represents Anna Kristensen. Kristensen (b. 1983) is a painter who navigates pathways and boundaries between painting, photography and various forms of photo-reproduction within the disparate dimensions of actual surface flatness and illusory pictorial depth. Painting is sometimes brought into the sculptural round. Recent work is informed by two residencies undertaken in the USA: the Australia Council for the Arts’ Greene Street Studio in New York and the prestigious Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska (both 2013). An overview of key works is now viewable on The Commercial’s website.  Kristensen’s first solo exhibition at The Commercial will be in the second half of 2016.