Swamped by Asians

Archie Moore, Swamped by Asians, 2020, inkjet print of Senator Hanson, 10 September 1996, Australian House of Representatives, Hansard parliamentary record on paper, 5.00 x 6.00 x 6.00 cm, edition 5 + 3 APs, TCG22008
(photo: The Commercial)

The Hansard Australian Parliamentary record from 10 September 1996 of the maiden speech of anti-immigration politician, Senator Pauline Hanson, is transformed into a sculptural object. While perusing the Hansard transcriptions, Moore noticed many politicians repeatedly using the phrase "swamped by" deployed to refer to a minority group. In the case of Hanson’s speech, ‘Asians’ are singled out as a perceived threat to the Australian nation over the years. Most recently used as an exclusionary tactic against asylum seekers, the sensationalist politics of fear is brought to light as an enduring part of Australia's political history.

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