United Neytions

Archie Moore, United Neytions, 2014-2017, an installation of 28 flags, polyester, nylon, zinc plated alloy, 28 parts in two sizes: (23 x) 360 x 180 cm and (5x) 180 x 180 cm, TCG21222
(photo: Sofia Freeman/The Commercial)

Kamilaroi Neytion
Arrinda Neytion
Dippil Neytion
Kogai Neytion
Inchalachee Neytion
Koonjan Neytion
Joongoonjie Neytion
Goothanto Neytion
Mycoolon Neytion
Warkemon Neytion
Kooinmerburra Neytion
Parnkalla Neytion
Yowerawarrika Neytion
Barkunjee Neytion
Adjadurah Neytion
Wiradjuri Neytion
Yeeda Neytion
Narrinyeri Neytion
Darkinung Neytion
Kurnai Neytion
Bangarang Neytion
Booandik Neytion
Thurrawall Neytion
Thangatty Neytion
Ulperra Neytion
Tardarick Neytion
Kookatha Neytion
Wombya Neytion

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