Jazz Money, £100,000, 2021, Gadigal soil from underneath Carriageworks, vinyl, 150.00 x 150.00 cm, TCG22844
(photo: Zan Wimberley)


pour upon the soft ground all life under hard new
liquid stone and preserve for time a history you
can scratch / £100000 and a time so long stretches
back / a £ for every year of stolen memory and
where to bury and where to remember / train
and carriage all precious relic to preserve and
enshrine atop just dirt just stone just sand
unknown / land to give and trade to one
( chisholm ) who murders along the hawksbury
trades liquors in the city and grows grows grows
a pile of wealth upon the hill where once all this
all this was safe and buried / £100000 and with
payment that hill industry flat levelled with a
steam hammer / £100000 and a place all riches all
sand dune water way bank­sia safe of ceremony of
song of care of always / wiped razed and poured
/ and what a long history and how proud they
are to count to 1880 or 1822 / numbers that can
never stretch to the sunrise in £100000 land back
land black 100000 years and this is just a scratch /


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