Jazz Money, garrandarang, 2021, single channel digital animation, duration: 8 min, edition 6 + 2AP, TCG22845


you will tell of what is missing
we will tell of what remains

you will speak of wantings
and we will find you wanting

those eyes are seeing only what can be
extracted sold used burned fenced razed
mourned proclaimed lost

there is a river
flowing above our heads
rising from
the leaf the branch the tree
the bush breathing out to form
all this world's breath

do spirits move across these airborne tides
do they move to those trees afar
across seas along trade winds
along trade routes
sold on paper milled to spread seed
to mill more paper
to tear up turn out

those felled transported
all that destruction writ and dispersed

do our kin planted elsewhere miss the soil of their home
yearn for the languages of the land
do they sing out missing the touch of ceremony
are they welcomed by the ancestors of that new home

there is a river
flowing above our heads
water moving backwards through our skies
breathed out by
all this all this
all this loving green
on currents flowing our water our hopes
in the air
beneath our feet
we’re breathing green water
we’re finding our kin

you say gone
we say forever

we will rise from the smoking earth


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