Anna Peters (A Hallway Project), 2020 | practice practice practice | at the Commercial, Sydney

It is with great pleasure that The Commercial presents practice practice practice, a Hallway Project show by Anna Peters. Peters has been a regular exhibitor at and contributor to artist-run-initiatives in Sydney for over two decades in particular to the long-running MOP Projects (2003-2016) where she was a committee member and creator of a significant photo archive of social photographs that have become a who’s who time capsule of the Sydney art scene during that period (archived on Instagram @mop_projects and in the archive of the Art Gallery of New South Wales).

Since graduating from a Master’s degree in painting at Sydney College of the Arts in 2003 (supervisor Mikala Dwyer), Peters’ work has focussed on acerbic cartoons on canvas and paper.

The current exhibition comprises thirteen A4 drawings of Peters’ protagonists and their deprecating dialogues and biting monologues. Derogatory scenarios of discontent around themes of old age, family, dermatitis and perceived or actual imperfections.