Archie Moore - HouseShow | 272 Montague Road, West End, Brisbane, 2020

from Archie Moore Instagram post 09/07/20

I have been self-isolating for months inside a house [in West End, Brisbane, creating] an immersive, interactive, multi-media installation about the 'home' and 'memory'.

The third iteration of a recurring series that uses domestic interiors and objects (banal keepsakes, diaries, drawings, newspaper clippings, toys, old TV programs ...) to explore the artist's personal and transgenerational memory. (Follows on from the first at Accidentally Annie St Space; titled "Dwelling" and "Archie Moore 1970-2018" at Griffith University Art Museum). This exhibition activates the emotive and disorienting potential of domestic interiors and questions how spaces function to elicit empathy or emotion in viewers (or not). HouseShow particularly considers the meanings which manifest in interior spaces recreated from his memory and he uses a combination of both ‘genuine’ and artificial artefacts as a means to revisit, recreate and share my experience. 

The home as a container of memory ... as a protective space, a dangerous space, an inadequate space ... a container of secrets ... built on a place where histories were erased.

The viewer is invited to interact with the installation in an intimate way: open doors, diaries, books, drawers but please return them to the position they were originally in. Look through peepholes, listen to the walkman, look under the Lino, view the viewfinder slides etc.