Diena Georgetti - RADIO is RADIO, 2019 | at The Commercial, Sydney

It is with great pleasure that The Commercial presents RADIO is RADIO, a solo exhibition by Diena Georgetti. The exhibition consists of five new large-scale paintings by the Melbourne-based artist.

Georgetti’s paintings of recent years are composite pictures, aggregates of obscure fragments from communities of artist predecessors. Sourced from the margins of the internet archive, a long time before translating her compositions from small digital images to paint, she collects, collates, manipulates, rejects, recombines, arranges and alters hundreds of disparate elements bringing two or three into striking and unlikely compositions. Assertive harmonies made from incongruous assertions of humanity are Georgetti's signature. She places these new compositions within unexpected frames equally drawn from histories of style. This reattribution and redistribution is her substantial contribution to now.

“My work is made of communities past, and my paintings [are] a schism in time.”

“I want to make paintings without conditioned standards, that can be of any time, place, gender or age.”

Diena Georgetti quoted in Sara Savage, ‘Diena Georgetti – Art and Artifice’, Vault, Issue 19, 2017


Diena Georgetti's TALISKA (2018) was awarded the Sun Shine Coast Art Prize on 29 August 2019, judged by Alison Kubler. The $25,000 acquisitive prize is presented by the Caloundra Regional Gallery.

From 6 September to 5 Oct 2019, Margaret Lawrence Gallery at the University of Melbourne is presenting a two-person exhibition, Conscious intuition – Eugene Carchesio & Diena Georgetti, curated by David Sequeira.

RADIO is RADIO is Diena Georgetti's third solo exhibition with The Commercial.