Landscape No 1

Archie Moore, Landscape No 1, 2019, oil on board, 40.50 x 50.50 x 4.00 cm, TCG21747
(photo: Andrew Haining/The Commercial)

Drawing from photos of dysfunctional, corrupted landscapes on the outskirts of Brisbane these paintings were an exercise in re-familiarising myself with the paint medium and a meditation. In the era of climate change and ever-increasing lack of biodiversity, these paintings are without any sense of spirituality or sublimity - just a document of the sites and my own states of anxiety, attention deficiency and impatience. (As I changed my technique within some paintings and from painting to painting and abandoned the realism I was initially aiming for, I also let the anomalies of the paint and surface dictate how I would paint a certain area - a hardened bit of primer paint that I failed to sand off becomes a leaf, for instance).

Archie Moore, September 2019

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